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This podcast is produced by the Comealot Sex Clinic, home of sexually stimulating and titillating audio erotica for the aurally excitable. The Comealot Sex Clinic is a trendsetting audio erotica book store, offering first-rate products guaranteed to make you come a lot!

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Friday Nov 05, 2021

This handy dandy guide of audio tutorials will have you masturbating like a champ in no time. We affectionately call this treatment program our “Five Act Play”.
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Monday Nov 01, 2021

Masturbation is good practice for real sex. So it goes without saying that if you can train yourself correctly to last longer during masturbation, good chances are you’ll last longer during sex too.
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Saturday Oct 30, 2021

How do you intentionally orgasm without ejaculating semen? I know it seems unnatural at first but it’s very simple really. You do it through a technique called EDGING.
Masturbation for males is the act of stimulating the penis manually to provide self-pleasure. Download the FREE ebook and all 12 audio files (108 min.) here:

Tuesday Oct 26, 2021

Unfortunately, most Westerners are not properly educated about sexuality and sexual energy. Sex is not considered a natural part of their being. The first time they touched their intimate parts, their parents most likely told them to get their hands out of their pants.
Download the FREE ebook and all 12 audio files (108 min.) here:

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Since the beginning of time humans, especially men, have received some of their most intense orgasms while masturbating. This feeling is 10 times greater when you are guided through your masturbation under the supervision of a woman who enjoys directing the art of masturbating.
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